Working at MACC means being part of a dynamic and challenging environment, where talented individuals can pursue their interests, engage their imaginations, and work at the forefront of computational research.

MACC currently is looking for people for the following positions:

  • HPC Linux sysadmin with following tasks:
    • Installation, maintenance, upgrades and resolution of issues regarding MACC IT services.
    • Handling HW Issues related to MACC supercomputer clusters.
    • Configuration and administration of different storage and backup subsystems.
    • Configuration and administration of batch scheduling system such as Slurm.
    • Support for technical tasks as part of MACC’s collaborative projects with other international entities such as the European network, PRACE, BSC and TACC.
  • Researcher on parallel programming debugging and optimisation with following tasks:
    • Conducting research and development work to improve the scalability and performance of high performance scientific applications and tools, data analysis, machine learning as well as code refactoring.
    • Research and development for parallel application capture, visualization and debugging tools, as well as development of analysis and benchmarks for parallel applications for performance reporting.
    • Choice and adaptation of algorithms and / or libraries for application optimisation for specific architectures (ARM, accelerators (GPU, FPGA)) or new programming models.

To apply or for more information please contact us.