Deucalion is one of the eight sites to host EuroHPC JU world-class supercomputers

Deucalion, one of the eight European supercomputers announced on 7 June by the European Commission, should be operational by 2021. It will be installed in Minho and will have a processing power of 10 petaflops.

The Deucalion system will allow the promotion of research on several topics fundamental to the exploration of high-performance computing systems, expansion and consolidation of research centres, development and innovation in different scientific domains, namely in the areas of digital simulation, data science and machine learning, both in the science and higher education institutions and in companies.

The European investment planned for these systems will be of EUR 840 million, around 30% of the planned investment in supercomputing by 2027. The Portuguese machine will reflect an investment of EUR 33 million.

Portugal was one of the eight countries selected by EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, alongside Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, Italy and Luxembourg. Alongside the supercomputer to be acquired by Spain, a system that is considered to be pre-exascale and which will succeed the current MareNostrum 4 supercomputer, Deucalion will be a pivotal element of the Iberian Advanced Computing Network, which was created by Portugal and Spain at the Luso-Spanish summit of November 2018.