The 3rd R-CCS International Symposium

As a leadership center of high-performance computing, RIKEN Center for Computational Science (RIKEN R-CCS) explores “the science of computing, the science by computing, and the science for computing.” Especially RIKEN R-CCS develops and operates supercomputers, facilitate other leading edge infrastructures and conduct cutting-edge research on the supercomputers and the infrastructures. Now, so-called “Society 5.0”, a challenge to integrate cyberspace with physical world, is expected to realize the better life and society. RIKEN R-CCS has developed the supercomputer Fugaku and expects this flagship supercomputer to be the centerpiece of simulation, big data and AI supporting Society 5.0.

RIKEN R-CCS has been organizing annual international symposiums to promote HPC research and development. In this third symposium, we will review the first-step achievements on Fugaku enabled by simulation, big data and AI technologies and discuss future shape of supercomputers towards the “Post-Moore” era.

The symposium consists of keynotes, invited talk sessions, and poster sessions. We invite submissions of abstract papers for poster presentations. Presentations are encouraged that address topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Applications developed for the K computer and further developments
  • Applications for the supercomputer Fugaku
  • The ARM HPC ecosystem
  • Supercomputing in Post Moore era

More information is available here.