The Minho Advanced Computing Center is a national collaborative infrastructure to promote and support Open Science initiatives on super computing, data science and visualisation. MACC has been created in 2017 by the the Portuguese Government through FCT, INCoDE.2030 and University of Minho.

MACC’s mission is manyfold and based on 5 strategic objectives under Portugal’s digital skills initiative, INCoDe.2030: 

  • Research and innovation in supercomputing: To support and encourage research on topics central to the implementation, optimization and exploitation of computing performance. 
  • Advanced training and skills development: To enable and encourage the training of human resources in the design, installation and operation of supercomputing centers, as well as use and development of supercomputing software. 
  • R&D in Computational Engineering and Sciences and Artificial Intelligence: To promote the creation, expansion and consolidation of research and innovation centers in different scientific domains where the use of a large computation power or data processing capacity is crucial, namely in the areas of digital simulation, data science , machine learning and AI. The existence of an adequate infrastructure for managing and processing large volumes of data, reliable and offering software platforms and services that facilitate its use will boost R&D in different scientific domains and in industry at large. 
  • Public services and enterprises: To offer advanced HPC computing resources (in terms of hardware, software and consultancy) to science and higher education institutions and public administration for the curation, management and processing of data and, to enterprises, for the use and development of applications, namely with the use of BigData and machine learning workloads, promoting their use by enterprises including emerging companies that result from academic entrepreneurship. 
  • Internationalization: Participate in international scientific advanced computing networks. 

MACC is also central to the Portuguese and Spanish joint strategy to build the “Iberian Advanced Computing Network”, which has been promoted by the two Governments and through the coordination of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS).